We are honored to present our new LA TOCA FOOTBALL & SPORTS image to celebrate 10 years.


This coming summer we will be celebrating the 10th edition of LA TOCA campuses, a good time to take stock and reflect on our own evolution and growth.

From that first campus with 22 participants in the village of El Poal, where it was founded and where we have our social reason, to this day we have been able to certify a series of football-social and cultural experiences that have allowed us so many not only enjoy the good practices of the sport, but also train us as managers, trainers and coaches, thanks to the sporting events that have been proposed and carried out by me on campus, technology, talks, monographs, tournaments, advice and organizing different events always related to football, means that the LA TOCA FOOTBALL & SPORTS family has been implemented within the calendar of the specific football sports program in our country.


Proud of the work done to this day, these 10 years of LA TOCA are just a point and continue to want to keep growing, working and learning holding hands with our clients, and that we embark on this new season with a change of corporate image that reflects this evolution of recent years so far, to meet the new challenges that the immediate future holds.


The shield represents the fidelity to the founding values of our entity and refers to the people who have formed it, maintaining the spirit of always wanting to move forward, with a soccer technical gesture that denotes strength and ability, all encompassed within origins that led to its founding.